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A Trusted International Partner



The California Metropolitan University (CMU) designed its CMU degree streams for professionals and entrepreneurs. As a trusted international partner of CMU, Five-Bees offers students access to CMU degrees within its regions of operation in Asia and Oceania.

People need better access to the international higher education opportunities provided by CMU to build their skill levels more quickly and effectively. In partnership, CMU and Five-Bees will deliver the education you demand and help to broaden your horizons for a better workplace and life experience.

Our CMU Master and Doctor Programs for Asia and Oceania

Doctor of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Doctor of Management

Get ahead in an ever changing world.

Doctor of Strategic Leadership

Master of Science in Management and Leadership (MSML)

CMU Mission Statement

"At CMU, we strive to continuously improve to raising the standards of business and management studies, for an impact in your local workplaces in both knowledge and practical aspects.


Our members gain industry recognition and academic acknowledgment for their desire to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the practices relevant to their profession." 


Dr. Roy Virgen. Jr, President


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